Bejicel’s mission is to guarantee the improvement of your performance and the satisfaction of your customers through a sustainable mastery of permanent progress that is adapted to your own characteristics and needs.

Our approach is done in three distinct stages:

TSS production cells

Bejicel is the Canadian leader in Cellular production implantation.


  • Process small batches easily
  • Reduce your production costs
  • Reduce your manufacturing time


  • Full engineering
  • Turnkey project
  • More than 1500 cells to our credit

Perfcell Software

The real-time performance indicator.


  • Information available in real time
  • Employees are encouraged to meet production goals
  • Detailed production reports, daily, weekly, by style, by team, by employee
  • Encourages supervisors to act quickly in critical situations
  • Supports the Continuous Improvement Program


  • Low cost of installation and usage
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Cloud base and PPU (Pay Per Use)

Lean Six Sigma

  • Elimination of non-value-added activities by reducing waste;
  • Increase quality;
  • Understanding the process;
  • Stability of the process;
  • Reduction of variance;
  • Creates simple processes and controls.


Best implementation of production cells in several manufacturing industries

Implementation of Lean Sigma projects and Kaizen events

Best implementation of hundreds of 5S projects

Several types of kanban projects

Helping implementing best practices in warehouse management


Bejicel has earned us 30% to 50% labor reduction, 50% reduction in rejects, 90% removal of our WIP and more satisfied employees because they see their performance continuously through TSS production cells and Perfcell, the real-time performance software dashboard.
Bejicel’s strength lies in their personalized approach, meticulous monitoring of project schedules, measurement of productivity gains and the personal involvement of Mr. Bernard Berzi. Bernard is really a band apart, he does not just set goals and manage Bernard is present on the floor, he is not afraid to address resistance to change at all levels, from the floor to the management and management staff, his skills and approach to people quickly puts us at ease.

Yvan Ambeault, Executive Vice-President, AirBoss of America

Bernard Berzi has helped our team implement Lean manufacturing practices and trainings and has had a direct link in reducing our labour cost. With the help of the Perfcell software we have been able to better track and incentivize our teams performance down to the individual operator. This has unlocked tremendous potential and visibility into our operations.
As a new, fast changing industry with young management, Bernard has been a huge help in both the details and larger overall challenges facing our ever growing enterprise. Our operators enjoy his approach and our managers love the results.

Neil Cuggy, President & COO, makegoodfood

We have seen progress in implementing the TSS cellular process and Perfcell, the real-time performance dashboard.
We have seen the progress made, it was incredible. In discussion with Shirley, our supervisor, employees are proud of their accomplishments every day and are trying to find ways to exceed the total of previous days.

Brant Nobel, General Manager, Valley Fashions

We had the chance to meet Bernard who implemented the TSS and Perfcell systems.
The TSS and Perfcell system were a revelation for us. The systems produce concrete facts that have upset our understanding and stereotypes about our traditional methods and the way we perceive our staff. Bernard is present all the time, makes sure that everything goes well and responds to our requests. He is always responsive and sees things thoroughly.
The return on investment is spectacular.

Alon Cohen, TSS Supervisor, Firwin Corp.