About Bejicel

Founded in 1996 Bejicel, whose offices are located in Saint-Bruno, Quebec, is given the mission of guaranteeing the improvement of your performance and the satisfaction of your customers through a dynamic of permanent progress mastered sustainable and adapted to your own characteristics and needs.


  • Create change in direct contact with the field: the Gemba;
  • Deploy continuous progress at all levels of the company.


  • The mobilization of the energies of each in the service of a common vision;
  • A combination of best business practices is different systems methodologies and proven tools related to performance improvement;;
  • The creativity of all the staff of the company.


  • Total satisfaction of your customers;
  • Simplification of physical and information flow;
  • Immediate and sustainable improvement in the quality of productivity and working lead time;
  • Investment optimization

Our team

Bernard Berzi

Industrial Engineer and rich of 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry as factory manager and consultant founded Bejicel in 1996 group consulting in the field of Lean Six Sigma 5S Kaizen production cells and Continuous Improvement.

Nathalie Blain ing. CQE

Worked in the manufacturing sector since 1989 and in management and quality assurance since 1993. She has experience in fields as diverse as: military, pharmaceutical, automotive communications, transportation, education, industrial laundry, biomedical, industrial manufacturing, construction and financial services.

Amélia Martone, B. Gest.

Experienced manager with 30 years of experience in finance accounting and administration of service companies Ms. Martone provides the financial and administrative support necessary for the growth of Bejicel. Dynamic and efficient, it also supports all logistics related to training for our clients.